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What does our company do?

           Mostmarpal LLC established in Zarzecze near Zywiec is a leader
in the Polish market in the field of deep foundation work in all types
of construction. We specialize mainly in vertical and diagonal ferroconcrete bored foundation piles.
In particular, we design and carry out:
  • CFA piles
  • large diameter piles in a casing/lining pipe
  • pile foundation

The scope of our operations includes the construction of:
  • large-diameter vertical and diagonal piles
    ( drilled in a casing pipe ) diameters : 600mm ø - ø 1800mm;
  • vertical large diameter piles formed by CFA /FSC/ continuous flight auger,
    diameters: ø 400 mm - Ø 1000 mm.

To complement the range of services involving foundation work our offers include reamed bore holes, or enlarging pile bases, drilled injection stabilization at the base of piles as well as other works of similar nature.

In order to meet customer expectations, Mostmarpal conducts a broad range
of general building work, including:
  • membrane cover
  • specialized industrial buildings
  • demolition works
  • bridges
  • earthworks


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           Mostmarpal's specialists offer comprehensive advice in the optimal selection
or substitution of manufacturing technology used for special foundation engineering. Substantive assistance also includes the redesign and adaptation of the project to
our business partners' specific needs.

           Experience, reliability, completion of tasks in a timely manner , research
facilities and high quality specialized equipment and means of transport make Mostmarpal the undisputed leader in the Polish market. CFA piles, foundation piles,
pile foundation, deep foundation work, special foundation work,
membrane covers - in Poland are unambiguously associated with MOSTMARPAL.